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Die verklärte Nacht, 2002


“Essential in Martin Zeller’s photo works, is now the phenomenon of the image space as a place of overlapping visual information - at the same time representing the multilayeredness of the depicted. Zeller searches the city at night for reflections on glass or metal surfaces and takes a close look at the visual potentials of a photograph’s surface, rather than working with the possibilities of creating a depth of field within. The resolution of the photographic image in fore-, middle-, and background poses a challenge of its own to the viewer.”

Andreas Schalhorn, curator at the ZKM, Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, 2002


The project includes 44 images.  The original works were printed on Ilfochrome and mounted behind acrylic glas onto aluminium (Diasec). The sizes vary from 48 x 60 cm (19.9 x 23.6 in.) to 120 x 220 cm (47.2 x 86.6 in.). Edition of 3.

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