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The Back Side of the Eye, 2012



Reflections on Edvard Munch’s work

Painting and Photography on Rice Paper


"Martin Zeller and Sou Vai Keng are collaborating on an art project using their respective art media on the topic: the rebellion of Edvard Munch. Martin has been taking photographs of landscapes and ‘self portraits’ that recall or are related to Munch’s paintings and prints. With very few colours, Vai Keng tries to express the silence and calmness in ink brushes to mingle with Martin’s inkjet photo images. Both artists work hand in hand to retrace the serene and melancholy life and creations of the great expressionist painter of the last two centuries.” 

Julia Philippi Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany

The project includes 64 images. Inkjet printing and ink on rice paper.

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