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In January I started digitising my analogue films. The Diagonal Mirror is the first project I have completed. The original 6 x 17 slides were shot on Kodak Ektachrome. Now all 67 images are digitised in the size 80 x 240 cm/300dpi and ready for printing.





The first LX Under Construction prints on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag paper for a presentation folder. Many thanks to Claudio Melo from the lab Gamut, Lda. in Lisbon for his wonderful help in printing 

the pictures.












I am honoured that my work LX Under Construction was selected for the Black-and-White edition of European Photography 110










I have been working on LX Under Construction since 2018, a collaboration with Macau born artist Sou Vai Keng. She has written many short stories inspired by her walks and experiences in Lisbon and the surrounding area. In the meantime, I'm busy making a selection of the images and taking more pictures. I hope to be ready by the middle of the year. To get a first impression of the project please visit the gallery LX Under Construction, 2018 -  2022. Just click the image on the right side.

The Diagonal Mirror
LX Under Construction
European Photography 110
Lisbon, studio view, Martin Zeller
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