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The Diagonal Mirror, 2008

Space and Time in Photographing Hong Kong

“Standing in front of Martin Zeller’s series of photographic works entitled The Diagonal Mirror, perhaps you will adjust your position: you take one step to the left, you take two steps to the right, but for the moment you still can’t find the best viewing angle. These works are not of the average size and shape. Rather, each one is two large rectangular photographs running into each other. These buildings and streets, familiar yet strange, rich in detail, extend an invitation to roam. But the images, surrounded by empty space, seem to be floating in mid-air, and you don’t know how to get in. Sometimes there is a foreground scene that lets you step into it but, as you can imagine, this slanting path, often bumpy, rugged, narrow, along with the overhanging promontories, obviously will not make this trip a safe, secure journey!”

Leung Ping-kwan, excerpt from the introduction Martin Zeller's Five Pleasures, Hong Kong, 2008


The project includes 63 images. The original works were printed on Ilfochrome and mounted behind acrylic glas onto aluminium (Diasec). Edition of 3.

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